Emico Group Annual Management Conference “Right First Time”

Emico held its second Group Annual Management Conference at the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross in November 2017.   

The conference was themed “Right First Time” which is in fact the Company’s vision.  Just under 50 members of the management team were in attendance from both parts of the Group i.e. Infrastructure and Building Services.    It was an opportunity for the Group leadership team to share information to management on business performance; future, strategy and there were updates from the specialist departmental heads.  A guest speaker also contributed in talking to the team on change and how their roles and behaviours support the success of the company. 

Key feedback from the management team:   “I enjoyed learning about the wider business strategy and hearing what both parts of the Group are doing”.   “It was great to see how well the Company are doing and the future is very exciting”.   “The guest speaker talk was very interesting and inspired me to think about my role and how I can positively influence my team”.    “Networking and getting to meet new members across the Group was great”.   

Emico continues to grow stronger and having a conference shows the commitment that the Company makes in communicating effectively to the management team. 

November 29, 2017

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