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How Emico adds value

Whether the project involves HV, LV or DC, our ability to design the right solution and to ensure that it is buildable within the project constraints is Emico’s key skill. Our existing asset surveys, known as tag and trace, allow us to integrate new designs into existing assets and more importantly to keep these assets working during the install phase.  In our work on the 13 Crossrail West stations, we are undertaking asset surveys to ensure that the designs of each station can proceed while rail passengers are unaffected by the ongoing works.  In addition, we ensure that the safety of the passengers is at all times assured. By delivering the project right first time, Emico ensures that the client gets value for money. 

Emico’s extensive experience

Crossrail West is a multi-site project combined with working on live operational infrastructure and limited access to the track presents many issues to overcome. When combined with working with the public on operational stations, this becomes a major challenge.  Emico has provided design solutions which are buildable – early collaboration with our client has ensured that we carry out only those surveys required to complete the design. Buildability in a live station environment is a key issue – maintaining operation of the station and the safety of the travelling public whilst ensuring new systems are implemented.  Other experience includes the upgrade of DC power at the Lilliebridge depot for London Underground where we provided new DC traction supplies from the EDF Earls Court substation to Lillie Bridge depot and the electrical upgrade of the sidings at Brighton for Network Rail.

Past projects

To read more about how Emico has excelled in providing mechanical and engineering services for our clients, take a look at these case studies: London Bridge Place[GM1] At this major construction site, we designed and built the new mechanical and electrical services, including all the fire detection and alarm systems, and additions to the existing sprinkler system. Lillie Bridge Depot[GM2]  We upgraded the power supply in a tight timeframe at this London Underground depot, while it was still operational. East Ham and Ilford Boilers[GM3] Emico used its mechanical skills and railway experience to change the boilers at these depots for state-of-the-art replacements.    


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