Emico: Commissioning success

Our priority is stringent compliance with our client’s requirements, for a project that is right first time.    

How Emico adds value

With a strict focus on the project end date, the Commissioning Manager continuously monitors progress. This means we are able to prioritise installation processes, and build changes where necessary. We use comprehensive method statement trackers, alongside inspection & test plans, to provide continuous monitoring and commissioning management. Controls and Building Energy Management Systems are becoming more technical and sophisticated all the time. Having an Emico Commissioning Manager as part of the project team means running costs will be contained, and the job completed on time and in budget.    

How we do it

Emico’s commissioning specialists are expert in managing, witnessing and verifying on-site and off-site tests to ensure that, from conception to completion, building performance complies with both the project requirements, and CIBSE.

Knowledge and focus for your project

Emico’s Commissioning Managers have the knowledge and focus to ensure all mechanical and electrical building services are complete, operational and energy efficient.  

For the commissioning team to deliver your project, right first time, simply fill out our contact form, or call us on 01442 213 111.

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